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Dernier Filament introduction for cellulose acetate tow

Posted Date:2016-04-22 16:55:22

It is admired that the most smokers like the filtered cigarettes by using the cellulose acetate tow as the filter material which can keep aroma and taste as much as possible.
Acetate tow is a natural product deriving from wood pulp

. We deal with the best acetate quality. Produced to

keep cigarette quality and aroma, our acetate passes through a strict quality control to assure the best quality standards.

Dernier filament The weight expressed in length unit defined as the weight in grams of 9000mt of whatsoever linear material.
Dernier is a direct metric system where lower numbers are thinner dimensions and higher numbers are thicker dimensions. A single filament with a 9000mt length and with a weight of 1 gr is equal to dernier

Total dernier.

It is a weight in grams of acetate strip with a length of 9000 m. The acetate title is formed both by a dernier filament and total dernier. Example: an acetate title 2.7Y35000 has a dernier per filament (or filament dernier) of 2.7 and a total dernier of 35000.

We usually provide the 2.5Y30000 2.5Y35000

2.7Y30000 2.7Y35000
3.0Y30000 3.0Y35000
3.3Y30000 3.3Y35000
4.0Y35000 5.0Y25000

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